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Get Your Transmission Fluid Exchanged at Northern Automatic Grande Prairie Ltd

One of the most important things every vehicle owner should do to ensure the longevity of their vehicle is to exchange the transmission fluid regularly. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a transmission fluid exchange once every 45,000 to 95,000 kilometres, depending on the vehicle. At Northern Automatic Grande Prairie Ltd we complete transmission fluid exchanges at competitive prices— call us today or pay us a visit!

Regular Fluid Exchanges Will Save You Money

Many vehicle owners neglect to exchange their transmission fluid regularly, either because they don’t think it’s necessary or because they forget to have it done. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) loses its effectiveness after prolonged use and can leave deposits inside the transmission which cause problems in shifting and other issues.

When left untreated, problems with ATF fluid will lead to serious damage to the transmission which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. A simple ATF exchange usually costs less than $150. It’s simple math—regular ATF exchanges can save you time, bother, and thousands of dollars.

Transmission Fluid Exchange vs Flush

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the difference between an ATF exchange and an ATF flush. An ATF exchange is when we drain the fluid from the pan and add new fluid, sometimes replacing the filter or gasket if necessary—usually only about half of the fluid is replaced during an exchange. An ATF exchange is not a repair but rather a pre-emptive maintenance procedure. After an ATF exchange the vehicle will usually perform better. An ATF exchange is intended to support OEM service requirements to increase the life expectancy of the vehicle and its parts.

An ATF flush is when we determine that there are deposits inside the transmission that need to be cleaned out, so we push new fluid into the transmission with an ATF flush machine to force out the grimy deposits. During an ATF flush we force pressure or chemicals through the system to rid it of contaminants. At Northern Automatic Grande Prairie we perform both and will be able to advise which is necessary.



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